SF ISPs List, Please
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David Kaye
2015-11-12 05:00:21 UTC
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It's that time again when people are bugging me about ISPs that serve the
non-residential areas of SF, namely east of 3rd Street, industrial areas of
Hunters Point, non-housing areas of Treasure Island, etc.

Y'see, Comcast's franchise with SF requires them only to wire residential
areas, not commercial-only areas, so those areas listed above are left out.
Also, AT&T's DSL is often inadequate for those areas, being too far from the
CO. And thus, Sonic is also unavailable.

Okay, Monkey Brains. Too expensive for business uses, such as running
security cameras, etc.

Most opt for Hughes satellite, but satellite has its own problems.

So, I'm wondering if there might be some new ISP I've not heard of that
provides service to these isolated areas.


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Eli the Bearded
2015-11-12 23:39:43 UTC
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Post by David Kaye
Okay, Monkey Brains. Too expensive for business uses, such as running
security cameras, etc.
I don't know anything else to suggest to you, but I will note that I
have seen Monkey Brains used as a part of a pool. A group of small
businesses[*] got together and got an account and then shared usage
and expenses among all of them. I saw that about two years ago, I expect
they are still doing it. That suggests that Monkey Brains might work in
*some* of those situations if some creativity is applied.

[*] I don't remember the exact number, but it was five to ten
self-employed artists in one of those former factories[**] that has
basically turned into artist studies.

[**] In this case it was the old Best Foods mayonnaise plant on Bryant.
There's still a large terrazzo "BF" by the front door.

some of those studios have great views of the Muni bus parking lot