RadioShack files for bankruptcy; Sprint to take over some stores
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2015-02-06 00:58:47 UTC
2015-02-06 16:59:24 UTC
Post by Roy
First Lafayette, then Olson, and now Radio Shack! Where will it stop?
Fry's doesn't look like they're doing too well either.

Closure List:

The store near me in Cupertino is on the list. But the stores in
Sunnyvale (Sunnyvale Ave/ECR) and West San Jose (Saratoga Avenue) are
not closing. I'm pretty sure that both of those are not corporate owned.
In fact those two stores suffered when there were corporate owned stores
at all the malls (Sunnyvale Town Center, Westgate, and Vallco). There's
a huge Sprint store near the Radio Shack and Sunnyvale, and being
Sprint, the store is empty every time I walk by it on the way to Trader
Joe's, so I can't imagine the Sunnyvale store becoming a Sprint joint store.

I probably spend at least $10 per year at Radio Shack, when I need a
single connector or fuse and don't want to go to Fry's or Halted.

Radio Shack was good at jumping onto one new trend after another, CB
radios, computers, and cell phones, but there was no new product
category for them to latch on to. They took a big revenue hit when they
dropped Verizon sales even though they brought them back eventually. I
think that Micro USB and Mini USB power connectors eliminated most of
the sales of extremely high margin wall warts and car chargers.
David Kaye
2015-02-08 03:15:30 UTC
The independent franchises (about 900 stores) will continue in operation,
with or without the Radio Shack sign. Most are doing just fine, thank you,
specializing in all the things Radio Shack didn't, such as service and
product selection. Here's a story about the survivors:


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