Yahoo is the source of the CryptoLocker and CryptoWall malware spread
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Thad Floryan
2014-11-13 04:24:59 UTC
This is further reason to block ALL ADS forever.

A reader comment on Slashdot's HeadLines for 12 November 2014 made this

" Cryptolocker wiped out tens of thousands of projects, and
" thousands of businesses; criminals were not prosecuted because
" files were encrypted on police file-shares, and people died
" because the same happened to hospitals. This is why Putin
" arrested everyone involved, and why the newer versions of it are
" not as virulent.
" Where did it come from? Yahoo's web advertising network which
" is well-documented.

A Google search "Cryptolocker from Yahoo's web advertising network"
verifies the claim; followings items from the first page of hits:

Cryptolocker from Yahoo's web advertising network

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David Kaye
2014-11-13 23:51:29 UTC
Post by Thad Floryan
This is further reason to block ALL ADS forever.
I'm not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but I have no problem with the
morality of using AdBlock. AdBlock blocks external ads. If a website wants
to sell its own ads that's perfectly okay and I'll look at them, no problem.
But most websites (not just Yahoo, but NY Times, SF Gate, and the techie
sites) do nothing to vet the ad sites linked from their pages. They just
want the money and are unwilling to make sure that their advertisers are

Before I began using AdBlock I was using a hosts file that blocked out
thousands of questionable sites. I like AdBlock better. What's curious to
me is that Google RECOMMENDS AdBlock! It would seem counter-productive for
them to do so, but what the heck.

I don't know if Yahoo is any more the culprit than other portals. When
Shaun White won in the winter Olympics, I went to Google's video search to
find a video of his win. The 3rd image over from the left showed what
looked like the video. I clicked on it and the site told me that I had to
install a special viewer. Without thinking I clicked a link and immediately
my computer began acting up. Some malware began putting a link to a Polish
malware site on the end of EVERY text and html file on my computer! So, you
can't even trust Google's results 100%. Google did take off the link about
half an hour later, so at least one of their bots is paying

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