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David Kaye
2015-08-24 21:29:55 UTC
I'm not sure if you folks have seen 3 versions of a post about hard drive
replacement by a solid state drive, or whether you've seen nothing. I've
sent out 3 versions and I've seen no responses.

BUT THEN I realized that I have set up a keyword which immediately dumps to
trash any post that contains the keyword. Actually it's letters that stand
for hard drive and also for a digital radio broadcasting technique which is
not "high definition". Because I got so tired of seeing posts about the
merits and demerits of this radio system, I put in the filter.

HOWEVER, this means that own posts were deleted at my end, though they may
have gone out to Usenet and I didn't see them. But anybody who quoted part
of my original posts would have had those letters contained in their post,
so they would have been sent to trash on my news reader, too!


So, anyhow, if the post got out and you know what I'm talking about and you
replied, could you please reply again?


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2015-08-28 15:46:21 UTC
Post by David Kaye
I'm not sure if you folks have seen 3 versions of a post about hard drive
I think most people have less clever filters than you.
On the other hand, three posts on the same topic is trending towards John
Navas territory, whose auto-posts might finally have stopped.

(Does anyone even have one of the Motorola phone chargers that he helpfully
posts in his monthly FAQ?)
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